What are Random Acts of Romance?

A date is not the only way to pamper your love. There are lots of unexpected opportunities every day to showcase that “thinking of you” moment. Whether you’re trying to win someone’s heart or remind the one you’re with why they fell in love in the first place, our Random Acts of Romance and Romance Concierge is just the ticket.

Looking to brighten your wife’s day? Surprise her with a new, handpicked dress that is just her style, hand-delivered in a gorgeous wrapped box alongside an invitation for dinner out at the new restaurant she’s been longing to go to. We’ll take care of shopping, writing, wrapping, reservations, delivery and transportation. You just make the call and enjoy the night – and her reaction.

Some of our favorite Random Acts of Romance are listed below, and we are always available to help you brainstorm other ideas, or execute any romantic concept you have in mind.

Our Favorite Random Acts

• Luxury Gifting Services
• Personal Shopping for Him or Her

• Customized Romantic Gift Baskets
• Upscale Parcel Wrapping and Presentation

• Writing and Creative Delivery of Love Letters
• Unique Floral Design and Delivery

• Thoughtful Stocking of Fridge in Vacation Home
• Hand Delivered Dinner Invitations

To learn more about planning & having your most romantic date yet, contact us.

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